Public Relations:

They comprise of protocol ushers, decoration and help to enhance the image and reputation of TBCI.

Contact Ministry:

They are to aid and assist guests and new members that come or visit the church.

Outreach Ministry:

They see to everything that has to do with evangelism in the church.

Intercessory Ministry:

They intercede prayerfully on the behalf of the church, all members, the community, and the nation at large

Music Ministry:

They comprise of choristers and instrumentalists that minister in songs to touch hearts and bless souls.

Media & Technical Ministry:

They consist of audio/visual ministry, sound engineers who collaborate to ensure our equipments operate smoothly in order for our service to run very well.

Club 40 Plus:

Organising seminars, conferences and recreation for people within and outside the church, for people who fall within the ages of 40 and above, to equip them for adult life.

Youth and Children Ministry:

To ensure that the youth and children will know Christ and also develop their gifts and talents. To be responsible and God-fearing adults.

Men's Department:

To equip our mem by means of conferences & seminars and be responsible all the time.

Women's Department:

Encourage and help build women to by means of conferences and seminars to arise and shine regardless of their challenges.

Children Ministry:

God fearing teachers who teach and train the children in the way of the Lord.

Couples Club:

Marriage enrichment seminars, conferences and programs to ensure long lasting successful and God-centered marriages.